Goodbye 6TR

I have been immensely proud to work with such a dedicated lovely class this year. I wish you all the best for secondary school and the future.

Mr Ricketts


Year 6 show info

We’re really looking forward to our two evening performances of Aladdin on Thursday and Friday this week. Please bring any extra items for your costume into school on Thursday, in a labelled plastic bag, so that they can be used for the day-time dress rehearsals on Thursday and Friday. Remember to think about what colour socks you are wearing too!

Your black choir costume can just be worn to school in the evening on the Thursday or Friday.

Performances start at 7pm. Children are needed in school on both nights to either perform in the choir or cast. Children should arrive at 6.15pm so they can get organised into costumes and positions.


Ms Fee, Mr Ricketts, Mr Milne


Today, children are bringing home an envelope, addressed to parents, containing their class and P.E. reports and their KS2 assessment results (the May ‘SATs’ tests.) We are incredibly proud of all the children’s hard work and have asked that they open their envelope at home, rather than in the playground or on the way home, so they can celebrate their successes and discuss their report with you.

When you read the report, you will see that it includes a teacher-assessed level for reading, writing and maths. A separate document also gives the test score for maths, reading and grammar. There is no test score for writing, which is only teacher assessed, or for science, where children are only assessed as Expected Standard or Working Towards the Expected Standard.


Tomorrow all parents and carers are invited into school from 2.30pm to work with their children and look through their books.

Entry to the school will be via the Turney Road gate only.

Sports Day is taking place on Friday at the Rosendale Road Playing Fields. The timings are as follows:

The Early Years and KS1 races commence at 10am,
KS2 children will arrive at the field for a whole school picnic lunch at 12 noon – please note that the reception children will return to school for their picnic – unless you sign your child out;
Staff / Parent races at 12.30pm,
KS2 races commence at 1pm.
Early years and KS1 children should come into school dressed in their PE kit. KS2 children can come in their PE kit but there will be a chance for them to get changed. Please make sure that your child brings a water bottle and if it is hot they will also need a hat and sunscreen.

The school will provide a packed lunch to all those who have a school dinner, and to those who receive free school meals. Children who normally have a packed lunch will need to bring their own packed lunch.

We really hope that parents and carers will join us for the picnic, and that some of you will even participate in the parents’ race.

Early Years and KS1 parents are most welcome to take their children home after their races, or picnic lunch, however before you leave you must sign your child out with your child’s class teacher.